There is deep-rooted sadness but the way that I talk about it is that it’s satire; it’s funny. I don’t want to make a joke out of it, but kinda saying: isn’t it funny that life works out this way?” (Maria Qamar, 2017.) @hatecopy

     Beti (bay-tee), a Hindi word that translates to daughter. Representing the alter-ego of Indian daughters. Spending their teenage years afraid of being themselves, constantly being pushed to be " good daughters".  Here, gone are the days that they could be held back from being the Alternative Beti’s. They are fierce, independent and liberated from 'traditional norms.'


Make-up & styling :      Shivangi Dutt

Photography :                Emily Packham

Illustrations :                 Justine Marfo & Shivangi Dutt

Assisted by :                  Evelina Mockunaite


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