On Monday 28th February, Solent hosted the epic Anthems 11 gig, showcasing a range of talented performers. AnonStyle were pleased to be offered backstage passes to the event, where team members

Alex Simpson and Jade Solle interviewed key acts.


We were particularly in awe of ‘BASH!’ with their quirky and engaging style - 


‘BASH!’ Interview

Amada (A), Miles (M), Joe (J)

Interviewers Alex and Jade (I)


I – Hi! So, we just wanted to ask you a few questions about your band and what sort of music you make?

A – Yeah, definitely!

I – How long have you guys been together?

A – A year and a half!

M – Yeah, technically a year and a half; that’s when our lovely keyboard player joined

A – Ah, technically, in February we had our first gig, last year

M – Oh yeah! Let’s just say a year

I – Not too long then, have you done a lot of gigs in this time?

M – We're starting to do more now, we’ve probably done about six in the last two months or something. We’re doing more and starting to branch out into London and Bournemouth and that kind of malarkey now

I – That’s really cool, what sort of music do you guys usually do?

M – Synth-pop. Synth-pop-y

I – So are you guys making any albums? Or got any EPs on the way?

Not albums. Not EPs.

A – Maybe an album in the future, but we’re releasing singles now!

A – Next one coming out soon! 

M – Couple of weeks probably!

I – That’s exciting!

M – Just finalising the music video

A – Music video: very important. Visuals: very important.

I – Do you guys play local gigs around Southampton?

A – Yes, we do!

M – Heartbreakers, Joiners

M – Disturbia

I – Anywhere recently?

M – Yeah, we did –

A – Two days ago!

M – We supported Arcane Hearts two days ago. That was a brilliant

show! The best show we’ve ever done! The atmosphere was great

A – Our mates came down, love mates, love our friends

M – We do quite like them

I – So, what have you thought of this gig here tonight? 

A – It was fun! I couldn’t see anyone, there was too much smoke, so I couldn’t see anyone, and I had my glasses on! Usually, I take them off to not see anyone!

M – I couldn’t see anyone either, my glasses kept slipping down! It was very enjoyable, very fun

I – Good atmosphere?

A – Yeah, definitely! A full room actually, last year Anthems wasn’t that full was it? I think this year has gathered-

M – It’s gotten better

A – Definitely more people and musicians

M – More momentum

I – Did you guys meet through the university?

M – Yeah, we’re all on the same course. I saw her and I wanted to write songs with her and that was it really

I – So, how did you pick what covers you wanted to do tonight?

A – I think I was going through hits from the 2000s or 90s and I was like “I know this song!”. Because I’m foreign and I don’t always know them

M – Amanda picked, well, you picked both of them really

A – Really yeah but we started with like – we thought to do...

M – Material girl, because it’s just so 80s pop and it’s so pop girl

M – Those chords are very nice. And Mickey is just punk, it’s great!

I – You have so much energy onstage, how do you get pumped before a show?

A – Just get really nervous and that’s it!

M – Honestly, we’re too scared to try drugs!

A – Every time I go on stage I need to wee! So, to keep my mind off it...

I – You’re doing a wee dance!

A – There you go, yeah! Here is Joe Burgess!

J – Hello, sorry, hello

A – He plays guitar, he was going all punky today as well!

J – Yeah, it was fun!

I – Hi! How long have you been playing guitar for?

J – Oh! Um...Since I was in year 5 of school, which is like... How old are you in year 5? I don't know...I was just sort of like “oh yeah I love Foo Fighters”. Then a few years later I started practicing properly and now I still can’t play!

A – He's the pedal boy

M – A very competent man is our Joe Burgess, very competent

J – Yeah, I don’t play guitar, I play pedals

A – He likes producing stuff

I – That sound cool, we were interested in hearing about your musical journey as a group?

M – Like what’s next?

I – And where you’ve come from!

A – I'm from Latvia!

J – Really different backgrounds

M – The fellas in the band were all in crap bands before and Amanda came over as a superstar and we thought maybe we should form a band with her!

A – Exactly! And then I was like (heavy accent) “hello, can you play Mamma Do for me?”

M – It literally started as that, she wanted us to cover Mamma Do by Pixie Lott

A – But that was it, just some covers

M – Then we were like “actually that was really easy, lets’ try and write some songs”

A – And that was really hard!

J – Then we wrote some stuff, Uni has helped us out with getting things together

A – Oh, yeah definitely! University, its handy!

J – Now we’re just doing more gigs and trying to write more music

A – Yeah, write music, release (maybe) an album next year. I would love to do an album

M – We want to gig as much as we blooming well can, write as much as we blooming well can, be the pop-iest pop band that there ever was! Pop!

I - That’s great! So, what’s your favorite song that you guys have written?

A – That we’ve written? Oh! It’s In My Head! No? Wild is good... What do you think?

M – We’ve got one called See It Fade and that one emerged from something that was basically rubbish before and we actually made it sound okay

J – We had it for a while and after a few months decided actually we don’t like it lets totally redo it

M – It emerged as sort of an early 2000s indie track but it’s still got a pop-y element

A – It's upbeat!

J – My favourite song is called In My Head, which we haven’t released yet, but hopefully will soon

I – We'll keep an eye out then! It's been awesome talking to you guys

M – Thank you, we’ve been Bash!

J – That sounds like we’re on TV

A – Check out our announcements – Bash News – on Facebook, new stuff coming soon!


Group interview – selection from Bohemian Rhapsody performance

Andrew (A), Hedge (H), A. McDonald (M)

Interviewers Alex and Jade (I)


I – So we’re here from Anon Style Magazine interviewing people, just getting ideas of how people have found the event and what songs they’ve chosen to play. Are you guys in any of the bands that played tonight?

M – I'm actually a musical theatre student, Abbie roped me into helping out with the choir

A – I was in the Bohemian Rhapsody performance and I’m in two later on ones: Smoke on the Water and Back in Black

H – I was in the bass choir for Bohemian Rhapsody and I’m also the vocalist on Always on My Mind, the Pet Shop Boys cover which is coming up soon

I – Awesome! What was it like working with everyone to be part of the number?

A – It was quite complicated because of the different sections. The guitar lot needed their own rehearsal because it’s four people playing two tracks worth of parts, and then there’s the choir which was probably worse, then there’s the drums, the bass, the keyboard. Everyone has to play exactly the right notes at exactly the right time, so it was quite difficult

I – Was it a bit scary on stage?

A – Yeah! It took loads of rehearsals

I – How long have you been rehearsing for?

M – The choir has been for about 4/5 weeks

A – I've been involved for about 3 weeks

I – Have you guys done the Anthems event before?

H – I have, yes! I performed last year too

I – How does it compare to last year?

H – It’s much bigger, there’s a lot more acts this year. I think they said it was the 3rd version of the event and last year only ran for two hours. This year is projected to run for three hours, so it’s already a 50% increase, if it keeps going next year will be four hours!

I – Did you know that it’s sold out tonight?

H – I did not know until just before the event was about to begin

I – Was that a bit scary?

H – It's more the trepidation of the fact that you’ve got that many people looking forward to this and it’s all about making each performance count. It’s not just about your own performance, for example I could just hang back in the green room and think “yeah, it’ll be fine” but then I'm basically saying to the other people “I’m not supporting you”. It’s about everybody coming together, it’s what this whole thing is about. It’s not just about music, its everyone coming together because music is for everyone, by everyone

M – It's nice that everyone’s showing their appreciation for music, because you’ve got songs from back in the 70s up to nowadays, so it’s nice to have just an eclectic sound, you’ve got punk, you’ve got Queen, there’s just so many different styles and it’s nice that everyone’s just come to support that and just make it music, celebrated in its own different ways and different styles

I – And you said you’re a musical theatre student, was that a bit different coming in?

M – It was very different, the only person I know is Abbie, so coming into the whole thing, especially in the sound check, I was like “I do not know anyone”. So, it was very overwhelming at first but at the end of the day it is a thing to make friends and I'm here to perform, and that’s what I want to do so, if I get a chance to do that I’m going to do it. It was a great event and if I get the chance to do it again I definitely will!

I – That's awesome! Thank you so much for talking to us!




Group interview – Drummers Angus and Ben

Angus (A), Ben (B)

Interviewed by: Alex and Jade (I)

I – So, tell us who you are

A – Hi! I’m Angus and I’m the drummer in bash.

I – How long have you been playing with bash?

A –Playing about a year and a half now.

I – So you were there from the get go?

A – Yeah I guess so!

I – Nice! Have you done the anthems event before?

A – Yea we did it last year, we did wannabe by the Spice Girls. It was very fun, we all got dressed up and wore a wig and see-through shirt and I was kind of self-conscious, my nipples were out.

I – Which Spice Girl were you?
A – I don’t know, I think, one of them whichever one has the worst moral compass.

I – So what how have you found tonight?

A – Chaotic, absolute mayhem but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I – It’s the way it’s done here at Solent isn’t it, like it’s a solid method and the crowd as well get to have a good laugh.

A – Yeah, everyone seems to be into it. Everyone’s like I’m way to f*cking hot, what’s going on here.

I – It’s boiling.

A - A great laugh.

I – Was this year better or worse than last year?

A – I think there’s a bit more of a turnout than last year isn’t there? It’s way more people.

I – The event actually sold out.

A – Awesome.  It’s a good laugh.

I – What bands are the rest of you guys from?

B – I’m long gone, I graduated last year.

I – But wait, you were just on stage

B – I just sneak in sometimes.

I – Do you play here at the uni a lot?

B – Yeah when I can, I haven’t really gotten over not being at uni yet.

I – Still living the student life?

B – Yeah!

B – Just not having the money, I’m like I’m a student basically!

I – What was your name by the way?

B – It’s Ben, Ben the drummer of whoever wants to drum.

A – Bens in the psycho band.

I – Did you do the event while you were a student?

B – Yea, I did Zambowie.  They’re all cool gigs, all fun.  Chaotic as he said.

I – Is it always this chaotic?

B – Well not really, well... yeah. I’m trying to sugar coat it, its mental but the thing is most people here are students as well so everyone’s kind of in on it and that’s why vibes so nice because no really cares if you mess up, like he always does.

A – Ah man, it’s a pitiful existence.

I – So, you’re both drummers?

A – Yeah man. Bens got a tiny snare drum that’s well cool.

B – Angus is actually the better drummer, I have the degree but he’s the better drummer.

I – What do you guys or did you guys study at uni?

B – Popular music performance.

A – Performance and production actually.

A – Yea man, Solents lit, its drummers are lit, anthems gig is mayhem but its lit.

A – It’s good fun.

B – Everyone loves it.

I – It’s been crazy.  Are there any bands you'd like to shout-out while we're here? 

A – BASH is fun, come see BASH at some point!

B – You should see BASH!

A – Like us on Facebook!

B – Probably Houses when that band exists, that’s now our band name, it’s decided.

A – Houses.

B – So they can’t change it now, because its official.

I – Oh, it’s going to be in writing! There you go.

B – Exactly, f*ck em.


Interviews by Alex Simpson and Jade Solle.

Photography by Evelina Mockunaite.


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