BA (Hons) graphic design graduate Ashley Moye is currently studying a masters in Visual Communication.

Tell us about what you are doing now?


I am currently working in events to pay off the personal money I put into my studies whilst freelancing with clients for a record label and recently a figure in the American footballing world. As a continuance of my Master's project, I am working on the second Eastbourne Town Fanzine most recently featured on SoccerBible.

Where do you usually find inspiration from?

My inspiration has always come from contemporary designers; mostly those willing to take risks and challenge what people expect to see. Graphic Design is a culture of trends and whilst it's important to know them, it's just as important to start breaking them and pushing them further. I've always been fascinated with things going wrong or not looking how they should – so my personal style shows an interest in texture, distortion, glitches and errors whilst remaining true to the subject. I celebrate the harsher side of design and tend to shy away from the crisp and clean.

How would you describe your style of work?

Initially, my interest was in Fine Art, enjoying merging oil paints with my hands onto a canvas. I took the radical principles of Fine Art and grew them into my design work, which is now primarily digital image. Entering Graphic Design from this angle separated my work from the minimal flatness the industry is over saturated with which I do believe has helped me stand out at times.





Where do you see the future of the industry you work in leading?

I enjoy working with my hands but the industry dictates a need for design for web and mobile and as such it's very rare I enjoy the feel of paper until the project is finished and lucky enough to exist physically. I've worked on websites and apps and would happily do so to make a living as their potential grows – but the real pleasure is with innovative self-lead projects where you have the freedom to create uniquely without restriction. But we all chase a wage and as such, I'll follow the way the wind blows so long as it's the right direction for me.

What would be your advice for aspiring students?

My advice to future students is to know your subject and know your industry. There are too many of us and less than half of us will make it in the real world. University will change your life but at the end of it, you need to walk out with something to offer an employer. Your degree means less and less the more people keep getting them – to push yourself to stand out and have as much fun with it as you can as long as you remember the world owes you nothing and it's down to you to get something from it.

Struggle, fail, get better and succeed. Respect yourself, help your friends, stay humble and don't waste a second.


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