‘VII’ presents a photographic interpretation of the haunting visions and religious ecstasy found within the passages of The Book of Revelation. The collective body of images aims to redefine the climactic narrative of the text through the medium of abstract symbolism. 'VII' embodies the apocalyptic descriptions through the artistic manifestation of fine detail and iconography found within one of the Bible's most revered works.


The exhibition is inspired by a visual union of the atmospheric scenes of Baroque portraiture and challenging power of Catholic eschatology. Each body of images takes influence from the extravagant scripture of Revelation's prophetic text which presents lurid depictions of morality, faith and damnation through the medium of atmospheric photography.


The artwork itself represents a merger between a past of spiritual obedience and the modern age of technological dependency.


Digital photography and encompassment of contemporary still life recreate the violent, symbolic language of the passages in a form distinctive from the classical depictions of the past. The artistic techniques of the modern age utilised to envisage the complex spiritual verses of Revelation for a 21st century audience.


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