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Level 5 Showcase

A series of images from BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Creative Direction and BA (Hons) Fashion Photography Level 5 projects.

Same but different by Madeline Gulliver


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

A focus on cultural appreciation over appropriation looks to complimentary styling.

Photography: Madeline Gulliver

Creative Direction: Madeline Gulliver

Stylist: Madeline Gulliver

Makeup and Hair: Charlotte Black

Models: Paris Kathryn Joseph and Victoria Auger

BullyBones EP release 2020 by Bobby Lovejoy


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

A promotional video for BullyBones, inspired by the Skinhead movement and the music scene of this time.

Videography: Bobby Lovejoy

Models: Bullybones and Aaron Lee

Music: White Boy - BullyBones

Final Trend Package pic.jpg

Clear Protection by Hannah Carr


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

In the age of a pandemic, this shoot looks towards the future with an alternative to face masks for protection as we develop a new normal. 

Photography: Hannah Carr

Styling: Hannah Carr

Model: Katie Frear

Final Trend Package pic2.jpg

Epochal Autumn by Skye Reed


Fashion Photography

Dreamy and understated, this look book project interprets the style of All Saints.

Photography: Skye Reed

Creative Direction: Skye Reed

Styling: Skye Reed

Makeup: Skye Reed, Bethan Jenkins and Imogen Beard 

Models: Abigail Owens, Jack Faulkner, Raquel Ramos and Mio Takaya

Assistant: Malcolm Wilson

Skye Reed - Designer Focus_Page_29.jpg
Skye Reed - Designer Focus_Page_13.jpg
Skye Reed - Designer Focus_Page_27.jpg

Moody and Minimalistic by Madeline Gulliver


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

Low light tones create depth to this minimal shoot. Simple styling and a neutral palette is fresh and modern for a classically timeless look. 

Photography: Madeline Gulliver

Creative Direction: Madeline Gulliver

Styling: Madeline Gulliver 

Model: Ruby Katembela`


Lost in The Island by Mariana Silva


Fashion Photography

A story of being lost on an island, this minimalist shoot takes inspiration from the film Blue Lagoon.

Photography: Mariana Silva

Styling: Mariana Silva

Makeup and Hair: Mariana Silva

Models: Inês Silva and Bianca Brand

Assistant: Cloé Costa


Forever Hold Your Peace by Hannah Murrell


Fashion Photography


A little girl dreams of her wedding day as the best day of her life, the romance, the beauty, but for one bride the day becomes a rollercoaster, portraying the events through the eye of the wedding photographer. 

Photography: Hannah Murrell

Model: Jess Strachan


Astronomical Breakout by Eloise Hales


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

Inspired by the 60s space age phenomenon, this shoot takes a look at the rise of face coverings as a result of the pandemic through a futuristic fusion of Barbarella and Pierre Cardin to sport this astronomical trend. 

Photography: Eloise Hales

Styling: Eloise Hales

Model: Romy Leach

Assistant: Eliza Galley

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Nature's Calling by Eliza Galley


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

A nostalgic reflection of childhood innocence and wonder, reconnecting with nature through inspirations of cracked grounds and soft clouds reimagined in tactile leather and knit. In uncertain times, nature provides an immersive consistency of comfort, minimalism and sustainability.

Photography: Eliza Galley

Creative Direction; Eliza Galley

Model: Grace Hall

Anchor 9
Anchor 9

Nostalgic Escapism by Charlotte Notman


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

At a look for escapism from the strains of daily life in a pandemic, this 70s inspired shoot reignites a love for nostalgia as the catalyst of future fashion trends.

Photography: Ariane Young

Stylist: Charlotte Notman

Makeup: Ariane Young

Model: Charlotte Notman

Lighting assistant: Jack Reynolds

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Anchor 3

City Girl by Eliza Dodman


Fashion Photography

Classically preppy but ever fresh, this narrative editorial takes inspiration from the film Wild Child. A diary of events are portrayed, telling a story of developing confidence through exploration of new cities as we take this journey with her. 

Photography: Eliza Dodman

Stylist: Eliza Dodman

Model: Tia Bennett

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katie guardian2175.jpg
katie guardian2221.jpg
katie guardian2271.jpg

What makes me a man? by Katie Frear


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

Commenting on societal stereotypes based around toxic masculinity, this shoot serves to push back against gender norms of how men are expected to act and dress.

Photography: Katie Frear

Stylist: Katie Frear

Model: Diogo Jesus

Assistant: Eliza Galley


COS Lookbook AW20 by Emilie Hlinovská


Fashion Photography

Taking inspiration from the fashion brand COS, this shoot epitomises timeless quality design, emphasised through simple, clean styling. 

Photography: Emilie Hlinovská

Stylist: Emilie Hlinovská

Makeup: Aneta Kirschnerova

Model: Aneta Kirschnerova

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 11.23.48.png

Re:So Spring Pearl Collection by Bobby Lovejoy


Fashion Styling and Creative Direction

The new Spring season brings forth delicate and fresh inspirations of underwater life with handmade accessories.

Photography: Bobby Lovejoy

Creative Direction: Bobby Lovejoy

Stylist: Bobby Lovejoy

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 11.24.35.png
Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 11.24.09.png
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