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"romanticised retrospective"

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This project showcases a romanticised retrospective on popular trends such as girly gingham, flirty florals and bold colours inspired by Marc Jacobs. 


Milly Robson, a second year fashion styling student discusses her projects during lockdown and keeping inspired as a creative working from home.


The editorial images for Marc Jacobs follows a ‘Romanticised Retrospective’, using trends that all have a nostalgic quality. Being inspired by summer and its surroundings, the concept is to follow Jacobs’ playful flair and turn their aesthetic into a mood. With this urge to reconnect with nature, I was inspired by the delicate story summer creates and looks that are rooted in romance.

Whilst linking the product to the scenery; the styling corresponds with the basic epitome that Jacobs has; layers, colours and oversized elements. The still life aspect has been set up to represent the current global pandemic. Seeing as we are being told to stay at home; the use of the chair adds the Jacobs sense of humour from their past campaigns and allows the Marc Jacobs customer base to enjoy their summer from the sofa. 


During this global pandemic, I have used my inspiration and created a project at home that I am extremely proud of. Looking back, I stayed creative by not straying from my original plans and making my submissions into something that I enjoy doing.


Despite the situation, having university work to distract myself from the outside world was actually a blessing in disguise. However, there is no doubt that I have experienced a lot of difficulty, but I turned that difficulty into motivation to push myself to achieve an outcome that gives me pleasure to proudly promote. Noticing my progress and seeing how much I have learnt and achieved along the way makes it all worthwhile.

Ultimately, I think knowing the final goal and knowing I could escape into my passion, allowed me to construct a new lust for creating and communicating fashion concepts; even if the journey is not how I planned. 

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