Artist of the Month

Interview with
Lottie Hollis

Our competition winner Lottie Hollis spoke with Alice Maddison

about her work.


A: Hi Lottie. First of all, congratulations on winning! How do you feel?

L: Thank you! I feel honoured that I was chosen out of all the other

creatives at Solent who entered their brilliant work.

A: What are your long-term goals/career ambitions after graduating?

L: When leaving the university, I wish to create beauty portraits for

high end beauty magazines/brands.

A: Any brands or publications you are especially interested in?

L: My dream client would be ELLE as I feel like my style is similar to

their aesthetic.

A: I think your style would work really well with them. Now onto

your winning work. Did you collaborate with other people on this


L: Yes, I collaborated with @created_bymegan for makeup and

hair. @millyrobinson_creative helped with the styling. assisted me in the studio too.

A: That’s great. How do you think collaboration impacts upon your

work and the creative process?

L: Working in a team creates a great final outcome as everyone

comes with their own individual skills and bounces off each other.

A: I agree. What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

L: The transition between summer and winter. The colour of

autumn leaves


A: Nice. What techniques/equipment did you use to create these


L: I used a main beauty dish to light the model and then a floor light

which gradually lit the background creating the fade on the green


A: Well, it worked really well! Final question, how has COVID-19

impacted upon your work and creativity? Did it impact upon this


L: While the university facilities were still open it wasn’t affected

much at all. The styling was difficult with this shoot as it was planed

so last minute that getting an outfit delivered on time wasn’t

possible due to the delays from COVID. But it all worked out well in

the end.

A: Indeed, it did. Congratulations again and thank you for taking the

time to talk to me.

L: Thank you.

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