FRONT Competition:

College prize

On the 7th and 8th of May 2019, Solent hosted all winners from the college category of Front Competition 2019. Winners and their models had the opportunity to create any look they desire in our HC make-up studios, followed by a photo-shoot with Masters level photographers, Ella Christenson and Jack Bradley, in the cove. AnonStyle took the rare opportunity to interview the young make-up and hair focused creatives and were fascinated by the insightful concepts we heard…


Matilda Ashmore was initially inspired by the work of artist Daniel Berry who uses ink blots to look beyond. This led to the interesting idea of a visual window into Autism, raising awareness in a highly creative regard. Ashmore’s passion for the concept certainly seeps through as she discusses how she wants to “change people’s perception’s on it”.


A personal connection to the creative concept is also prevalent, as Ashmore explains,

“My brother’s autistic and addicted to rollercoasters. I experimented in lead up to this series with an image of the slammer rollercoaster that he’s really interested in and I’ve overlayed it 20+ times. I plan on doing this inside the ink blots”.


She also fills us in on future details and plans for the series,

“I’m going to invert the two pieces I’m doing to in-turn invert the norms of it. What is normal? With all the chaos going around in terms of the white detail and patterns - through the window of the ink blots, you can see the person. With my future inverted look, the white will be where the skin is showing”.

Abi Rose also created an interesting piece on her model Chloe Mcdonald. As part of her final college project, this artist focussed her creation on travel and specifically “the London underground and the flight paths”. Abi explains “my final piece is going to be full body” but will follow a similar style, using bright colours and lines to contrast how “people are normally scared of travelling”, highlighting the process in a contrasting, creative light.

Abi Rose also expresses her appreciation for Solent’s photo-shoot opportunity, telling hosts how “today’s been so much fun” and praising the facilities we offer.

Natalie Kirby created a piece using sweets on her model Tilly Ashmore, based on the concept of junk food. “The idea is to create a character that makes you think of food as disgusting rather than nice”. The project, soon to be completed for her college final project, will be called “Dump the Junk”; an anti-junk food protest of sorts.

Chloe Mcdonald’s creation, an emotive but striking take on her child’s artwork, was particularly engaging. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages – all of my little girls drawing and paintings that she’s done on me and herself”. Mcdonald’s full body piece managed to capture a sense of sentimentality through a somewhat fun perspective.

With a look inspired by “nature and bright colours”, Maya Homes opted for an editorial focussed style as she describes, “I really wanted to create something that has potential to be featured in a magazine”. “I went for a pink and a green eye, some chest body art of flowers, followed by a nude lipstick to contrast from the statement eyes and chest”. Homes discusses the simplistic face and how the model’s hair colour compliments the look as a whole.

Finley was her own model with a subtle drag inspired look, using “freckles with purple and pink eye-shadow” for additional beauty elements amongst the dramatic element of these gold fake eyelashes.

Letitia Lawrence went for an orange monotone autumn look with “an orange lip and orange eye-shadow”.  

Photography by Ella Christenson and Jack Bradley.

Interviews and Words by Laura Wilcox.


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