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Best Beauty from
AW21 Fashion Week Shows

A round-up of the best beauty looks & trends seen in the A/W 2021 Fashion Week shows across the globe.

The Simone Rocha AW21 London Fashion Week show featured embellished, gravity defying braids, minimalistic skin, and neutral brown lips created by makeup artist, Lauren Parson and lead hairstylist, Cyndia Harvey. The otherworldly braids elevate the extravagant nature of the clothes, while the brown-toned lips and eyes and match the nineties inspiration behind the collection.


At the Bora Aksu AW21 London Fashion Week show, makeup artist Janeen Witherspoon placed hand pressed petals underneath the eyes and hairstylist, Daniel Martin formed intricate braids, creating a minimalistic, yet exciting look. The neutral tones of the skin and 3D petals, as well as the looping braids grab your attention without distracting from the bold red tones in the collection.


Danish makeup artist, Trine Skjøth featured this fresh, olive green makeup look at the AW21 Rabens Saloner show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The glistening texture of the green eye pigment, in combination with the clumpy lashes, wet hair and dewy skin, reflect an earthy, nature inspired mood as they demonstrate textures and colors seen in foliage. This makeup look emulates the imperfect yet refreshing attributes of untouched nature.


Makeup artist, Helene Vasnier, exhibited bold composition and color when creating these electric eye looks for the AW21 Giambattista Valli Paris Fashion Week Show. These painting-like eye looks feature a geometric, color-blocking aesthetic, reminiscent of De Stijl and Neo-Plasticism art genres. Defying the traditional eye-makeup shape and pairing unconventional eyebrow colors has created a head-turning look that will brighten any room.


Simone Rocha

Makeup artist Andrew Gallimore presented innovative gothic- punk makeup and body embellishments for the Art School AW21 London Fashion Week show. These striking creations display brow-less bone structure, intensely smoldering eyes, and 3D thorns cascading down the body. The contrast of dewy and piercing textures, with dark and light tones reflect the powerful and ultramodern take on this alternative style.

Art School

Bora Aksu

For the Versace AW21 Fashion Week show, the one and only Pat McGrath produced bold, vibrant wings for the runway. The nude lip balances out the colorful eyeshadow, and provides wearability to the overall look. Adding this strongly shaped pop of color to the eyes, in contrast with the all-black outfits, creates an eye-catching moment, and is a perfect way to enhance any look.


Rabens Saloner


Salvatore Ferragamo

The Salvatore Ferragamo AW21 Milan Fashion week show featured mesmerizing metallic body painting and makeup, created by makeup artist Fara Homidi. The Sci-Fi platinum paint brings a mechanical element to the collection and tells a story of futurism. The metallic silver embodies the flecks of sliver seen in the collection, and contributes a memorable feature to the show.

Giambattista Valli

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