Dominic Skinner is a senior makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Having worked his way up in the business, Skinner is now the

Global Senior Artist, working in Fashion weeks, as well as alongside

some of the industry’s biggest designers, such as Alexander McQueen

and Vivienne Westwood.






purity, cleanliness, being real and raw.






















Focusing on a specific area of the face.

Brows, lips or eyes to make them stand out against

a natural complexion.














Vibrant exposure of colour, randomly positioned

on the face.

















The use of glitter as a makeup accessory.




















How long do you spend at Fashion Week and how has it changed you?

​“I’ve worked on fashion week for over 14 years and have experienced over 24 seasons within that time. I’ve been all over world from New York to Milan and through this time, seen a lot of change within the events. The whole fashion week has become more professional and is now seen as a major event in the fashion world.”

What is the design process for a show?  

​ “The design process for a show involves several steps which can take a variable amount of time. Firstly, research the designer, look at their collections. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to know the style of the designer. This will help with the development of the end look. You’ll also should meet with the designer, to find out what they want, what the concept is and how you can make this idea a reality. Once both you and the designer agree on an outcome, you’d need to be confident enough to do it on the day, the length of time you have for creating these looks can vary, depending on what you have to do.”

What would you say your career advice would be?

“Have passion, drive, determination and motivation. In this industry nothing happens overnight, so be patient. This is a very competitive and challenging industry to work in, when things go wrong, don’t get disheartened, it will happen, if you work hard enough”

What would be your top 5 holy grail products?

  1. ​MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

  2. MAC essential oils

  3. MAC face and body foundation

  4. MAC strobe cream in peach

  5. MAC extra dimension eye shadows


Afterwards Dominic lead a workshop where he taught students how to create an editorial look using a variety of MAC products. He challenged them to do it in 25 minutes. He went on to go into more detail on life of a makeup artist in fashion week:

“Fashion week isn’t always as glamorous as it seems,

once I had to do a model’s makeup in a portaloo!”

He laughed. “It’s a challenging yet rewarding industry,” he continued

“As cheesy as it sounds I feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life!”

He began the workshop with a boot camp introduction into working back stage at fashion week followed by a demonstration on how to create the look. He wanted to give students a feel as to what it would be like working back stage with a lead make-up artist. An example he gave was that the lead might not always answer your questions, but you must pay close attention to what they're doing as you don't always get given step-by-step instructions. When working backstage it’s your responsibility to keep up and to know what you have to do. "Its very fast-paced and the lead makeup artist won’t stop for everyone."

Throughout the workshop Dominic Skinner gave his time for the students evaluating their work and giving professional criticizms. 

It was an intense challenge, trying to perfect the looks to his standard but everyone had an entertaining experience and a great insight into the life of a make-up artist in a fashion world. With his visit, Dominic has reminded students that make-up knows no boundaries.


Dominic Skinner’s Instagram about Southampton Solent in preparation for the workshop.                                                           





MAC SS 18 Trends 

Dominic Skinner shared the looks of Mac Spring Summer 18 Trends and told us what to expect from the makeup world. The trends for this season have been broken down into 4 categories: Honest, Focused, Unique and Glimmer.

“A trend is about a moment, fashion is about a direction”.


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