Emma-Louise Wandless has developed her own cosmetic lip brand, website and products that consist of ten liquid matte lipsticks in popular shades known from her own primary research (found to be the most sort-after colours). These shades are presented as part of The Boyfriend Collection, inspired by millennial dating and are shown within her press pack featuring the colours shown in their finished packaging, along with promotional material to represent the Wandless Cosmetics brand.

The brand’s concept was reached after researching a theory on millennial dating inspired by a paper written by Mark R. Lepper and Sheena S Iyengar, 2000 – ‘When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing?’. This paper explains the outcomes of society having too much choice. Through further research into this and how this theory of the ‘choice overload’ is affecting millennial dating, Wandless was inspired to create a brand that through her experiences and the research she had gained, reflected both of these topics. Each shade is inspired by a potential dating scenario that through personal experiences and the experiences of others.

The website for her brand features; editorial images that embody her brands’ ethos to be an all-inclusive brand with lip colours to suit all skin tones. Options to see how these lip colours will look on a variety of skin tones can be viewed on the shop and product pages. Having a brand millennials – the target audience can relate to, creates a feeling of trust, professionalism and also humour as they identify the lip shade characters.


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