FRONT Competition 2019

Front Competition 2019 February 22nd, 2019, found the contestants of this years Front Competition competing for the winning title of several innovative categories.

AnonStyle was proudly in collaboration with the annual competition of Solent University, open to a range of students from various levels; giving them all the chance to display their creative and artistic skills. This years theme was Dark Materials, open to interpretation any way the contestants chose amongst three separate categories: Fashion & Editorial Beauty, Radical Body and Structural Hair.

First to be judged were the contestants for Structural Hair.  

The winner of this category was Nishan Greyson, graduate of BA (Hons) Make-up and Hair Design course at Solent.

Next up was Radical Body. This category tested and demonstrated the make-up artists skill base within SFX and prosthetics. An exciting category with character references, costume incorporations and an overall striking aesthetic.



Francis Smith

Hannah Nixon & Rebecca Nixon

Isobel Caird 

Sabrina Buccheri & Maria Saraiva 

The winners of this category were Rebecca and Hannah Nixon with their model Hannah Gumbley. The concept behind their character was from their shared fear of spiders, “we thought of black widows…black widows feast off their mates and so we came up with this black bride, spider queen idea that feasts off peoples fear”. They sculpted and created three face pieces to incorporate into their final look. It was this attention to detail that did not go amiss by the judges, bagging them the winning spot.

Runner up of the Radical Body category was Issie Caird, with her model Sadie Hughes. Her inspiration derived from a series of books written by Philip Pullman, Caird took ideas from panserbjørne, which are armoured polar bears from the books. “I took that concept and kind of translated it as if the armour was growing out of the skin, and as you age more armour grew and taking bronzes and whites and stuff to show metal.” Another runner up for this category was Frankie Smith, with her model Deanna Ward. Her concept originated from Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology; emphasising the idea of strong powerful women. Frankie created two prosthetic pieces, taking elements from each mythology and translating these into her own work. “I’ve got the snake, as an Egyptian Goddesses snake… I’ve taken inspiration from Norse Gods and Goddesses with the plaits…the cut on the forehead from Macaria, who’s the Greek Goddess of blessed death.”


The final category was Fashion & Editorial Beauty.


Lucinda Farrelly  & Bethany Lewendon

Francisca (Sinead) Alves & Hannah Borrestad 

Beth Mitcheson  & Charlotte Robson (Winners)

Erin Boxall-Curphey  & Annabel Faulkner (Runners up)

Sophia Fernandez  & Georgina Parkinson

Jade Shrimpton (Runner up)

Agne Dautartaite & Barbora Kolibikova

Evangeline Hutchinson

Kimberley Smith

Nikolate Brazaite & Gaile Kelmelyte

Georgia Waigh & Vanesa Lazarova

The winners of this category were Bethany Mitcheson and Charlotte Robson with their model Talitha-Cumi Prinsloo. They told our in-house interviewers at AnonStyle that they were aiming to creating a dark goddess, exploring with elements of religion and worship and the emotions surrounding this. “We looked at inspiration for stain glass windows and all the colours like red and black for death, passion and love”. Charlotte  entered the competition last year and she noted how much more organised this years competition was, not to mention the wider variety between categories. The choice of model was perfect for the execution of their look; Talitha mentioning how much she enjoyed getting to be apart of the competition.


The competition also played host to a wide selection of innovative college contestants. Winners of the college entry category were Chloe McDonald and Matilda Ashmore with their model Rebecca Vaughan. They came up with a very contextually influenced concept, exploring the dark elements of the periodic table and how exposure to these elements effects the body. “In the face we wanted her to look a bit sickly, so it showed how when you’re exposed to these elements for a long time they can have that effect on the body”. They mentioned Solent’s ability to create a comfortable, non-pressurised competition experience and that this allowed them to manage their time very well. Judges were particularly impressed with the thorough research behind this creative concept.


AnonStyle would like to thank Solent event organisers, judges, students and all college contestants for making Front Competition 2019 an experience to remember. Our team were so impressed with the work produced and look forward to emerging work from our talented creatives!

Written by Sasha Westlake


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