Future In Transit

'a shoot based on an AW22 trend package'

Ines Monteiro

(a uni project based on an AW22 trend package devised by Ines Monteiro)

The A/W 22 season will see the world slowly starting to recover from the impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


 Free from physical constraints, customers can now adopt many personalities and shift between digital subcultures effortlessly. The advances in digital clothing and interior collections would minimize material waste and extend the possibilities of expression , making the concept of physicality obsolete.(wsgn 2019).


As both realities comes to the shore, the web will evolve from a web of knowledge, where users will see and hear content in real time, to a tactile internet that will also allow a sense of touch to be conveyed over time and space. Adding a sense of touch to digital experiences help to boost engagement and bring a valible experience, Bringing the idea of a phygital world more in reality.

Creative Director/Editor/Photographer: Ines Monteiro

Model: Mio Takaya