'RED', exhibits artworks which includes a fashion film, three photo shoots and four illustrations through an online exhibition website. The concept of the project takes inspirations from traditional Chinese culture, while combines with the elements of the Western Art Movement, Surrealism, and the aspects of Fashion to create a new style of contemporary art form. The use of the colour red as the theme of the whole project emphasises the Fashion Trend in 2017 and reflects on the consideration of the trend movement in contemporary society.


The aim of the 'RED' exhibition is to share the idea of cultural exchange through a new interpretation that allows the visitors from different countries to explore and understand more about traditional Chinese culture in an innovative way. On the other hand, this project also creates a platform to showcase her artwork and reflect on her personal life experience of learning Chinese culture in Macau, a place where she was born and the experience of studying abroad in the U.K. since childhood. In the exhibition, the fashion film allows the audience to explore Chinese culture in a surrealistic modus and sees the beauty of traditional Chinese cultures through looking at their items and the combination of contemporary inspired styling, make-up and hair designs. Within the three series of images, “Profits Pouring from All Sides”, “Who are you? My Lover” and “You, Me or Her?” and the illustrations; the exhibition fully demonstrates the creativity and post production skills that the she has learned throughout the course.


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