After completing her wig work unit at University, Kale realised that this was the industry she wanted to go into. This project was created to show her passion the field, which evolved into Hairy Tales.

The concept is to take the readers back in time with her own fairy tale rhyme set inside Rapunzel’s hair. The idea is to make the readers feel nostalgic as they relive some of their favourite fairy tales, in an adult-friendly retelling of the children’s stories. Some photographs are darker to depict the feeling of being deep within the hair to engage the audience.

Hairy Tales consists of an online exhibition and two hardback books, one of which is a ‘Hairy Edition’ where hair has been knotted into pages to create the feeling of being inside the story. The addition of a website creates an interactive version of the story by including photographs that change into cinemographs when the user hovers over them. The website is simple and easy to navigate, creating a stress- free feeling to allow you to become immersed in the story. The website mimics the layout of the books, where the user will scroll along to enjoy the experience.


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