"I wanted to create a few pieces that represented the memories, struggles and successes of my personal journey in 2018."

After studying a BA in Ilustration at Southampton Solent University and graduating last year, my influences grew from a variety of creative arts such as manga, comics, tattoo design and photography. Although these influences were a huge contributor to the work I have produced, my work also stems from fashion illustration and photography as well as fashion itself. The particular artists that have inspired a large quantity of my fashion illustration work are Miss Led, My Dead Pony and David Downton. These artists all share the same feeling of very personal artwork and are often a result of happy accidents and unconscious associations.

The distortion of imagery is used as a  representation of the younger generation modifying themselves to fit in with society and the idea of the ‘perfect body’. I wanted to create something that over exaggerated the idea of distortion to the face to make it apparent that people are trying too hard to fit in with today's trends. The final block colour images with little detail and colour variation are more simplistic but still hold a background story to them. I chose to make an illustration of Kylie Jenner because she’s a huge fashion icon to me personally, whereas I created illustrations of Sia specifically because I wanted to reflect on the idea that she doesn’t show her own identity but she’s still successful without everybody knowing about it.


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