Phillips has created a large body of work that has combined classical artwork and high-fashion editorial imagery in a rich and opulent presentation. Various artworks, movements and eras were studied to determine whether there were any recurring trends in the figures chosen as muses by a variety of different artists.


A lot of muses, particularly during the Pre-Raphaelite movement of art history, appear to have red hair as a common feature. A great number of heroines are depicted with flowing auburn locks: Venus, Aphrodite, Joan of Arc, Eve, Ophelia, The Lady of Shallott, Lady Godiva, and Guinevere are all frequently depicted as having red hair. This creates a solid basis for some in-depth research.


Coming from a family of redheads herself, Phillips engaged in a study into her own heritage, as well as the original story of the power and mythology of red hair throughout the ages.


These three pieces are inspired by the three main art movements that were studied: Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite, and Art Nouveau.


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