Thirty Weeks is an ethical journal-on-the-go which was crafted for creative people. It includes grids that are representations of thirty green cities’ public transportation maps from across the world. This was made in order to celebrate the ‘green movement’ and make an impact towards a sustainable future of the journals.

Thirty Weeks has a minimal and clean aesthetic, which has no gender restriction. The initial idea was to have the first double spread as a non-standard way of keeping notes. The second one has more blank space, which would be perfect for drawings or sketches. Nevertheless, the journal has no specifications of usage; which gives the consumer creative freedom of all the given space.

One of the main characteristics of Thirty Weeks is that it is made out of recycled paper and printed using vegetable inks, which makes it an environmentally friendly journal.


The shipping packaging and the presentation box – both made out of recycled carbon too. One of the best solutions to minimise waste would be not producing it. That is why the white presentation box has specifically no logo on for the reusing purposes.

The Thirty Weeks journal can be purchased on Karina Skurko’s website. Also, the website hosts information about the upcoming editions and contains useful links. The website has been made to follow the aesthetics of the journal, as well as being mobile-friendly, for easy access on the go.


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