1978-1984 /

For her final major project Spooner produced a coffee table style book, with the subject matter involving her close family, using historical imagery during the seventies and eighties. She used montage and juxtaposition as the main medium, with the idea for the book to be an altered photo album, exploring past fashion trends and texture with a retro style overview. Spooner incorporated these two mediums into her work in order to de-construct the original photographs into her own perception.

One artist who has influenced her through collage was John Stezaker and his technique of the folding of the paper to create a new manipulation of the original image. As well as photographer Erik Kessels who produced a book ‘Strangers in my photo album’ (2007) where he selected strangers who appeared in the background of his photo selection and made them the main subject. She was inspired by Kessels’ work because she considers her parents and other close family members strangers, looking back to when they were in their early to mid-twenties.



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