liquid metal 

"inspired by the mystery and secrecy behind alchemist theories."

Charlotte Malt

Inspired by the mystery and secrecy behind alchemist theories, the journey to precious metals has captured imaginations for thousands of years.  Gold and silver were thought to have spiritual elements in which holds root from the universal spirit of the world, where these precious metals were believed not only to be alive but also grow inside the Earth.


Transformation and creation are key concepts when talking about alchemical substances, especially metals. Transmuting, morphing, altering and adapting, base metals become treasurable. Believed to withhold healing abilities, the transformation to gold and silver - a crucial alchemist practice.

Creative Director: Charlotte Malt 

Makeup Artist: Georgina Sreeves 

Photographer: Beth Marsella

Model: Sophie Bennett 

Words: Ellie Simons 

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