PAUSE / Madison Cotton

‘Pause’ is a well-being digital website with a twist. Colliding two notions: a visual passage containing short films, along with an experimental lifestyle blog. Both components seek to contextualise the rapidly growing trend ‘well-being’. This well-being portal has an entrenched seasonal twist, currently exploring ‘immersion’. This aims to be especially apparent within the testimonials, shown through the films.

These short sequences within ‘immerse’ aim to provide tranquillity and focus through the use of abstract visual and audible mediums. Prioritising the use of recognisable content, these short films explore passages made up of two locations; indoors and outdoors. The films are a range of movements and frames, intended to be ‘motionless’. These motionless pictures are referencing film where little to no movement happens. Both Larry Gotthiem and Michael Snow are key influencers from the seventies to contribute to this field, where they use real time footage capturing movements within nature. These subtle notions intend to provide the user with a sense of stillness, away from busy lifestyles. The project identifies its own brand voice, promoting a new concept towards practicing well-being, believing that immersion is a way to boost well-being.

‘Pause’ is the informative and more commercial aspect to this outcome, using a blog as an information portal alongside social media accounts including Instagram, Spotify and Youtube to gain a wide range of users. The content keeps close with trends within the wellness industry, interviewing several industry professionals bringing contemporary information on topics such as beauty, skincare, travel, yoga, fitness and mindfulness. The blog strives to provide users with the latest scope within the well-being industry and ways to broaden their lifestyle.



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