Pointless Plastics

​'the overuse of plastics'

Roksana Swiderska

The concept of those images is to clearly demonstrate the overuse of plastic

packaging for food, from the supermarkets and to exhibit the plastics in an

exaggerated way as the packaging.


Chris Jordans’ image of a decomposed albatross had been an

inspiration for the photo of the wrapped sardines in plastic foil that contained glitter

inside to convey a message to reduce the use of microplastics, as well as plastics.

Whereas the rest of the images link to other problems within the plastic pollution.


Another source of inspiration came from seeing Marina Debris’ installation, in which

she created her own ‘Inconvenience Store”. A small shop in which plastic objects

found on the beach were re-packed and put back into the shop for sale in order to

raise awareness of how much plastic people buy that ends up in the ocean.