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Josie Phillips

fresh laundry
"a bold wash of garments and busy fluorescent nightlife."

Carlo Volpi’s hand-woven knitwear has a very distinctive style. There are clear comparisons that can be drawn between vector art and pop art, as well as informal doodles and mixed media artworks. Taking into account the bold graphics and some of the shapes of his pieces, there is a clear similarity with the designs and the artwork in comic books. The theme of the collection is based around domestic work, including prints of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and spray bottles. Naturally they ought to be shown in a neon laundrette, in order to flaunt influences drawn from Tokyo’s busy fluorescent nightlife, and the bold wash of the garments.

Creative director and photographer: Josie Phillips.

Fashion stylist: Naomi Madigan.

Make-up and hair: Jasmine Antonia.

Models: Caolan McClafferty and Eimi Koike.

Designer: Carlo Volpi (@carlovolpi_official)

Instagram: @_josiephillips_

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