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Mitchell Cahoon

"expressing the clashing interior of nature itself."

"Magistery" takes inspiration from the operation of dissolution focusing around the black phase of alchemy; interiora. Exposing the purification process of the interior soul and the conflicting mystery of darkness, dragging the light and dark to collide and form the flourishing ambiance of life.

Shooting deep in the forest, "Magistery" captures existence in a raw way, focusing on earth, aqua and flora to articulate the many stages in dissolution. Earth is brought forward in the vast wooden landscape, paired with the decaying moss and fauna to express the clashing interior of nature itself. The aqua elements are conveyed through the designers clothing; lustrous feathers and flowing mesh echoes the feeling of rich flowing water and the life that feeds from it.

Creative director and photographer: Mitchell Cahoon.

Models: Rebecca McGuire @ CMPR Models.

Designer Geraldine Connon.

Make-up and hair: D.J. Griffin.

Instagram: @mitchellcahoonphotography

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