After graduating from Southampton Solent university with a first class honours degree in graphic design, Gibbs realized pursuing a MA in Visual Communication - taught by Brent Meheux and Julie Beattie - would be a great addition to his education. 

The extension of an MA to his repertoire gave him more experience to what the industry would be like, in which he felt he had more of a chance getting a job within the design sector.

After applying to several studios, design firms and publishing companies he earned himself a ‘coffee' with a local Oxfordshire based design studio, Monchü – a value-driven studio, currently working on a lot of branding and advertising work for charities and charity-based events, in and around Oxfordshire. His now manager offered him an out-of house job on the spot.


Due to the studio only being about 3 years old, he is currently being sent briefs to work on at home as they are unable to focus on expanding their office at the moment. However, the perks of this mean he has access to flexible hours and the opportunity to see how a small studio can grow over the months, and gain more knowledge about business-to-business studios.


Due to working his own hours, it also leaves him more time to work on his own personal designs  alongside continuing with his own music project, which is hugely beneficial to him and the majority of where his inspiration has come from.


The Icarus Project (MA project)






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