Sun, Heat, Distraction

"relationship between mental health and global warming"

Anastasija Labekina

"I am interested in how the weather shapes a city and, in turn, how the city itself becomes a filter through which to experience the weather." – Olafur Eliasson

This beauty editorial story is heavily inspired by Olafur Eliasson's art installation "The Weather Project" showcased at Tate Modern London in 2003. The installation has inspired me to talk about the fundamental interaction between the individual and nature.

As the situation with our planet's "health" gets more and more unsettling, I wanted to capture my personal emotional journey regarding this issue. With the rising awareness, there comes despair and fear of the future. Within this story, I sought to discuss how the weather, however of our desire to take action, still remains beyond our control (The Weather Project 2003, Tate London).

The feeling of climate anxiety is explored throughout the photo series in the form of contemporary beauty. Variable emotions in posture offer a discussion of the effects on mental experience. Lighting alterations throughout the story showcase a never-ending emotional rollercoaster: from cold grey to burning yellow, the setup portrays a mind stuck between hope and desperation.

Creative Director/Photographer: Anastasija Labekina

MUA/Hair Stylist: Aleksandra Sedjuka

Model: Elina Peshele