Fitness, clean eating and leading a healthy lifestyle is more on trend than ever before. Our social media feeds are full of fitspiration, activewear trends and an increasingly holistic approach to the modern-day lifestyle.


More of us than ever are concerned with organic produce and overall well-being. We are more conscious of the benefits of plant based micronutrients and vegan choices in terms of what we eat, and how products pumped full of chemicals effect our bodies from the inside out.


Clean living is not only limited to our kitchens, but also extends to our bathroom cabinets and makeup bags. Hydrating coconut oil, antioxidant filled berry extracts and cleansing Himalayan salts are just a few superfood ingredients becoming increasingly popular within today's beauty mainstream. Stripping our morning and evening routines back and focusing on wholesome, raw ingredients could be the missing key element to many of our modern day #cleanliving lifestyles.


Superfood juice and smoothie detoxes are a common and on-trend way of replenishing our bodies with missing vitamins and nutrients, but when beauty products are absorbed directly into the body, why are we not as conscious about the ingredients that feature in these products, applied directly to our skin?


Bloggers, food authors and other social media influencers promote the consumption of superfoods to boost health, fitness and wellbeing, and many beauty brands are taking note. Wellness sections within beauty websites are becoming the norm, and beauty brands that focus solely on producing organic or vegan products are rising in popularity.


Let's move forward and consider how we care for our bodies – inside out, and just as importantly, outside in.




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