Compare Colour Cosmetics is a make-up comparison website aimed at 18-23 year olds of the online generation. The beauty market in the UK alone is worth £17 billion and consumers were estimated to have spent an average of £342.90 on beauty throughout 2016. Make-up brands are constantly launching new products and this is leaving consumers bombarded with choice; often meaning that they are dissatisfied with the products that they purchase.

The aim for this project was to create an online platform that would educate consumers about various make-up products (predominantly from the mid-to-high end market). The website features concise written reviews as well as visual imagery, to allow viewers to see how the product looks on the skin, enabling them to make an informed decision. The website is easy to navigate, and the layout vaguely refers to that of an Instagram feed - viewers will feel familiar with the page, and it will directly link with the use of the social media page. There is also a ‘Compare’ page that provides viewers with direct comparisons between products. It currently addresses popular questions that make-up artists and sales assistants are asked, but the main aim is for viewers to send in specific requests if they cannot decide between two products.

The website also features a more creative and inspirational aspect - the ‘Editorial’ page. This page demonstrates versatility and different ways in which products can be used, as well as providing inspiration for various make-up looks. Viewers can browse through numerous images and see a full list of the products used.



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