tech hair

"transforming hair to act as an interactive element."

Judit Florenciano

Techhair is a creative space about how technology and science are conceptually blended together to speculate on a discover new horizons for the near future.

It presents innovative concepts of products through design fiction that could transform hair to act as an interactive element. The aim is to show how new technologies could blend into the hair industry by challenging its future. It considers hair as more than just a purely aesthetic element by showing hair as an enhanced tool of communication between the environment, the self and others.

The project intends to turn hair into an augmented daily life experience where hair could help us to explore new perspectives of ourselves; how we express, how we look, how we communicate, and what motivate us.

Videographers: Thomas J. Lewthwaite, Andrew Pallot, Megan Gordon.

Video editors: Thomas J. Lewthwaite and Megan Gordon.

Hair design: Judit Florenciano.

Make-up and hair: Judit Florencian.

Photography: Jesus Perez Ferron. 

Models: Marta Matusiak and Kornelija Poderskyte.