A fashion editorial inspired by the origins of techno music in Detroit and house music in Chicago. Men’s workwear, including now well known brands like Carhartt and Dickies, are linked to American youth culture in that, everybody who was making dance music were wearing this attire for practical – not fashion – purposes. However, this spiralled into youth copying the style from DJ’s and producers. In the 90’s, particularly in the Memphis rap scene, the trade attire became known much more as trend.


"When you think of dance music you think drugs. But that only happened when it came to England. It was about dancing and the power dance has - The original is far more interesting” Alex Weston-Noond (model).


Creative Directors and Stylists:

Deanna Ward and Laura Wilcox

Make-up and Hair:

Deanna Ward


Deanna Ward


Alex Weston-Noond


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