"the shape, stroke and location of each feature."
Unfamiliar Aleksandra Sedjuka.jpg

Aleksandra Sedjuka

Our face is so familiar, so overlooked that few people pay attention to what actually creates a face and why it is recognisable to the human eye. This over familiarity becomes conspicuous if we consider the neurological condition of prosopagnosia, also known as 'face blindness', where people lose the ability to recognise their own face and those who are familiar or close to them. 

A face may be constructed with only a few simple lines. Following the lines that create the face and make it recognisable, Sedjuka discloses its features: the shape, stroke and location of each feature outlining what makes this face individual and unique. But what if everything goes wrong? What is the lines and features deconstruct a face rather than create it? Swapping lines and facial features between two photographic images, and yet the face remains apparent.

Unfamiliar Aleksandra Sedjuka 2.jpg