'Who Am I?'

 ‘The important thing is

to be ready at any moment,

to sacrifice what we are

for what we could become’

(Charles Dubois)

Karin Rosie Viilup

This practical study has been created to remind people they can be whoever they want to be- it is already in oneself; the mind needs to be broadened and the extraordinary self can be unleashed.

The understanding that everybody is born with only certain personality traits, bound to them to death, is a misconception. Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and a neuro doctor that has conducted more than 83,000 brain scans which showed the impact of brain injuries on people’s behavior (TED x Talks, 2013). As a child, a slightest bump to head can cause a brain damage and if not cured, it can change his/her personality completely due to the work of normally ‘shut down’ parts of the brain (TED x Talks, 2013). Dr. Amen has said the following, "People who do bad things often have troubled brains, but this can be fixed with brain rehabilitation programs" (TED x Talks, 2013).


 The message of this project is that people shouldn’t feel obligated to just one ‘me’ and to encourage them to explore with alternative egos to become the best version of themselves. In most cases, no medical help needs to be seeked; a small change in life is enough.

Creative Director/Editor/Photographer: @rozarosie

Model/Muse: @chenert_